Doctors on the Blissbasket platform

In order to begin using the Blissbasket platform, doctors go through rigorous on-boarding, including vetting, credentialing, and training in order to ensure your safety and quality of experience.

Doctors are not employed by Blissbasket. They act independently and are fully dedicated to your health and privacy.

Googling your symptoms online ?
The internet is not a doctor and neither are you. Address your health concerns with verified physicians and science backed products.
  • FDA approved treatments
  • Private consultation with verified doctors
  • Get all products delivered at your doorstep
  • Genuine meds and OTC products

How we work with doctors

Payment policy

Doctors on the Blissbasket platform are paid by the number of people they help, not by the number of prescriptions they write. Their only incentive is your health, happiness, and safety.

Credential verification

Every doctor is required to provide degree and license copy to verify credential information. Every doctor is re-credentialed every year and audited on a routine basis.

Medical education

The online visit captures a more detailed medical history and symptom report than a doctor would often get in person. The doctors use this information to highly personalize your treatment.

Meet a few of our doctors