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General FAQs

How do I determine the correct size for me?
You can view the sizing details for a product by clicking on the ‘View Size Chart' link on the product page located above the 'Buy Now' button. This displays the size chart for the product  and helps you decide which size fits you best.
You can always return the product if the size you selected does not fit you properly. You can review our returns policy.
How can I find out if BlissBasket.com delivers to my PIN Code?
You can find out if BlissBasket.com delivers to your PIN Code using the Shipping tool located on the right side on all product detail pages and also in your shopping cart. Please enter your pin code into the tool and press 'GO' button to get the details about deliverability at your entered pin code.
We are having two logistic partners called Standard and Premium so you will find it if anyone is delivering it to your given pin code.
The PIN codes serviced by us are frequently updated, so if we do not deliver to your PIN code today, please come back and check to see if this has changed.
How long does it take for an order to be delivered to me?
We deliver most of our orders within 1–5 business days from the order date which is completely depends on your selected shipping method. 
How are orders on BlissBasket.com delivered to me?
All orders placed on BlissBasket.com are dispatched through professional courier services.
Does BlissBasket.com deliver products outside India?
No. At this point, BlissBasket.com delivers products within India only.
Who will bear return shipping cost if product is damaged?
We will bear return shipping cost if it is damaged by giving credit to you eWallet so you can redeem it the same amount in next order.
What if my transaction failed?
If your transaction is failed then we will not charge you however you can try it to capture it again or use our Cash On Delivery option if it is available. The amount will be credit to you within 7-8 working days if it is charged to your account / card.
What if my order does not get delivered within given time even I have paid Premium Shipping charges?
If you haven't got your order within 36 working hours (Public Holiday, Saturday and Sunday is not considered as working days) even after you have ordered through premium shipping method then the orde delivery will be considered as Standard Shipping method so its terms and condition will apply and remaining amount will be credited to your eWallet so you can redeem it in your next order.


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